Green Moss Tableware november 10, 2017 13:15

My new tableware Green Moss is finally available for purchase here on my webshop. Please have a look!
The inspirations are derived from nature and the way moss can grow on the shadow side of a large rock without having the least amount of soil to mount its roots in. I am quite fascinated by the encounter between the soft organic in the moss and the hard mineral matter in the stone and the beautiful contrasts that arise. I have tried to recreate these contrasts in the tableware with the coarse light brown stoneware and the soft arches in the green delicate glaze.
The design language is simple and clean, and lends itself to many functions, while the decoration is more free and unique to each piece. The glaze is tactile with a deep green colour and it gives a darker tone brown to teh clay where clay and glaze meets. Which gave an extra finesse to the decoration.
In the picture you can see Green Moss mixed with another tableware I have made called Blue Hills, the mix can create a nice contrast and give a more dynamic table setting.