The Stacked Flowerpot september 8, 2017 11:50

A sculptural flowerpot that brings out the best in your plants. They are suitable for many kinds of plants. In the picture below you can see a few examples and get inspiration.
The design of this flowerpot is made up of 4 rings that are stacked and staggered horizontally. The lower ring is loose and also acts as the pot's saucer. In that way, you do not notice the saucer when the flowerpot is assembled and it appears light and elegant.
The flowerpots are available in two sizes and five colours. Three of the colours are in shiny glaze, while the last two colours are in raw clay. All flowerpots are made of high-fired stoneware or porcelain. They are waterproof, but they are not suitable for outdoor use in frost weather.
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