A special event with my neighboring shops august 7, 2023 22:27

This Saturday the 12th of August we will have another special event at Wildersgade 23 from 1pm to 5pm.In collaboration withCibi e Vini, Le Fenêtre, Boutique AllureandMo goldsmith, we will open our common backyard so you easily can walk between our stores.

Cibi e Vini will a have wine tasting event in the courtyard house, Boutique Allure sells cosmetics and clothes and Mo will show her beautiful jewelry. Le Fenêtre will movie into my studio and show her stylish high end vintage clothes.

I will offer a mini ceramic course where you will have the opportunity to make some ceramic yourself. For a 150 DKK you can immense yourself in the magic world of clay for an hour and make a little pot or figurine. It can later be collected after it has been fired.

My store will have a full display of all my ceramics. And there will be some bargains on old designs and clothes that are no longer in production.

Drop by if you have the time.